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5 Ways Cloud Telephony Systems Really Improve Your Business

Telephony has the power to transform your business, but it’s not always clear how or why. Let’s look at five ways your business can be better with telephony.

Improve Your Network

A telephony system will eliminate the need for you to invest in dedicated phone lines for your business. As a result, you’ll save money on equipment and installation fees. You’ll also save time because there’s no need to constantly set up and take down equipment.
Improve Your Efficiency
If your company has been struggling with long hold times, busy signals, and poor customer service, then a cloud-based telephony system might be able to fix these issues. In fact, some studies have shown that call center efficiency is increased by 50 percent or more when employees are working remotely with cloud-based systems.
Increase Productivity
With a telephony system in place at your business, you can increase your productivity levels. One study conducted by Avaya showed that call center workers who used a cloud based solution achieved an average of 8 minutes per contact as opposed to just under 3 minutes per contact without the solution. This obviously leads to more efficient calls while decreasing staff turnover rates in addition to saving company time and money overall.

Secure Your Assets

Data breaches are a risk, and they don’t just affect your customers. They also put your business at risk. By placing your phone system on the cloud, you can ensure that all your data is secure and safe.
The cloud telephony system is often cheaper than its traditional counterpart as well. With fewer hardware costs, it will be easier for you to set up and take down call centers as needed and more easily scale with changing needs.

Streamline Operations

Cloud telephony systems improve your business in three ways: responding to call volume, expanding your customer base, and reaching customers wherever they are. Cloud telephony systems make it easier for you to manage your customer interactions. This allows you to respond quickly to call volume and use your time more efficiently. For example, if you need an agent at the other end of a phone line and can’t find one, you can create a virtual queue where agents can be sent automatically when their shift starts. You also might want to create queues in order to assign calls to different departments or locations. In addition, if you have multiple offices with the same number, you can use cloud technology so that calls are routed through whichever office is closest.
The cloud telephony system will also help expand your customer base by connecting your company with people who might not have found you before. Cloud telephony systems allow for this because they allow for easy call transfers between clients as well as between phones and computers.
Lastly, cloud telephony systems help reach customers wherever they are. With this technology, it’s easier than ever for businesses like yours to reach customers on the go and take advantage of opportunities on their schedule. In addition, cloud solutions let businesses like yours connect anywhere regardless of whether or not the customer is on a computer or mobile device.

Empower Staffing

The first way your business can be better with telephony is through staffing. When you have a centralized call center, you are able to change your workforce and deployments to meet the needs of your business. When your employees have access to the latest technology, they are able to respond quickly and efficiently to client needs. This means that all of your staff members are empowered and it’s easy for them to take on new responsibilities without requiring retraining.

Collaborate More Effectively

The cloud telephony system allows teams to work together more effectively. Teams can collaborate on projects and share information from different locations. There is less downtime and more efficiency overall with these systems.

Solve Problems With Audio Recordings

If you have a call center, you know the importance of audio recordings. With a cloud telephony system, your team can easily manage their calls and archive them all in one central location. With digital voice files, you can access the recorded conversations quickly and easily when needed.
Consider how responsive your customer service staff would be if they had access to recordings of every call they made: It would streamline communication between departments and allow for more efficient use of time.

Bottom line

: Cloud telephony systems are valuable to your business
There are many benefits of cloud telephony systems in the workplace. Here is a list of some:
– Businesses can save money by not having to buy and maintain expensive PBX systems.
– There is improved efficiency with faster call handling and less call hold times.
– Less disruption for employees because the company only has to pay for voice services when needed.
– Voice calls can be made from any device with an internet connection (even on a desktop computer), which allows for easier collaboration between teams.
– Integrates seamlessly with other IT services like email, video conferencing, and file sharing without any additional work or expenses.